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Investment Advisors Not Using Marketing Personas are Shooting Blindly

As an Investment Advisor searching (hoping?) for new clients, you need to know who your audience is (beyond the simple classification of liquid assets).  You need to understand your customer “Personas.”

What is a Persona? According to my friends at HubSpot, “Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better. “

Knowing who your audience is allows you to tailor your message and your unique value proposition to that Persona. Let me demonstrate:

A current client of ours has had strong success over the years in providing investment advice and wealth management services to a particular Persona: “Dr. Mark,” a young doctor between 35-45 years of age, who is earning at least $200,000 per year.

The “Dr. Mark” Persona is so wonderfully specific because our client discovered early on what these doctors are thinking and worrying about and he found a compelling way to communicate his expertise to them.  He knows that young doctors are worrying about:

  • Will Obamacare reimbursement negatively affect my income?
  • Am I losing out on investment opportunities?
  • How can I gain the financial freedom I need to stop being on call?

He has prepared investment presentations that specifically address the financial concerns of young doctors. Consider the appeal of a presentation or eBooks or other materials with a titles such as this:“What I Wish They’d Told Me about Money When I got out of Medical School” or “Three Mistakes Young Doctors Make with Their Money.”

Here’s the key to his success: By knowing who is audience is, and what they think about,  he has positioned himself very well as the preferred provider of investment advisory and wealth management services to young medical professionals.

When you define your Marketing Personas, you know who is thinking about what and you can offer up solutions that have strong appeal.

Compare that to an Investment Advisor who simply seeks “high income individuals with $X in liquid assets.”

Need help defining your marketing Personas? Click here to learn more.


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You Don’t Have to Dance to the Lead Providers’ Music Anymore

How to Generate Leads

You can rock on with your bad self when you have an Internet Lead Generation program of your own – bringing you exclusive leads that meet the criteria you set.

When you have your own Internet Lead Generation program in place, you don’t have to dance to the music being played by the big Internet lead providers. There are options; there are alternatives.You don’t have to dance to their music.

You no longer have to run a ridiculous race against five other agents to be the first to contact a lead.

You no longer have to  “get what you get.”

You no longer have to put up re-packaged leads being sold to you as “new.”

You no longer have to pay the prices they set for their insurance leads.

You can dance to your own music. You can create your own insurance leads through your very own Internet Lead Generation Program. It’s really not that hard. We’ll show you how.


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Generate Your Own Insurance Leads

(You Don’t Have to Run) The Race to Contact Shared Leads

When you buy Internet leads, you’re entering a race.  A mad, crazy race to reach an unwitting prospect who probably doesn’t realize they are about to be hammered by multiple people responding to the request.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Creating your own Internet-based Lead Generation program lets you enjoy exclusive leads that meet your specific criteria. You’ll still want to contact them right away, but you won’t be racing five (or more) other salespeople to do so.

What’s better is if your prospect responded to a particular offer (by the way, a “free quote” is not a response offer) they will be wanting you to be in touch with them to arrange the fulfillment of the information or item promised.

We all know that exclusive leads convert better, and the prospect will be more relaxed when talking with you,  because their phone isn’t lighting up like a Christmas tree.

You don’t have to run the race to contact Internet leads. Instead, create your own Internet leads. If you don’t know how to do generate your own Internet leads, don’t worry, we do. And we can show you how. We’ve created a multi-step program to help you set-up and optimize your program.

Interested to learn more? Click here to learn more.

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3 Benefits of Generating Your Own Leads

When you generate your own leads you take control of your own destiny.

Businesses often feel that they have no choice but to buy leads from Internet lead providers (and then race against several others to be the first person to contact the lead). But there is an alternative: Generating your own leads.

There are 3 specific benefits to generating your own business leads:

1. Control: By generating your own leads, you can reduce or eliminate your reliance on purchasing leads from someone else, which allows you to take control of your own destiny.

2. Quality: By customizing your lead generation activities to attract exactly the kinds of prospects you want, the leads you generate will be of higher quality. And higher quality leads convert better!

3. Exclusivity: When you generate your own leads, they are exclusively your leads – not shared leads! No more racing to be the first to call a prospect before four or five others do. And of course, exclusive leads convert better!

We have authored a guided, multi-step program to help  you generate your own (exclusive) leads. Click here for additional information.

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