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What Can A Kilt Maker Teach Insurance Agents about Social Media Engagement?

This Kilt Maker’s social media engagement has everything to do with insurance prospecting.

Social media engagement was an afterthought for Kristi Karren, of Kristi Karren Highland Sewing, when she posted a short informational video to her Facebook page. But that one little video generated tremendous social media engagement for her business.

“People ask me all the time if a kilt can be altered to fit a growing body,” said Kristi. “So I decided to show ‘Dance Moms’ how to tell if a kilt can or cannot be altered.”

Kilt Maker achieves huge social media engagement with her how-to video.

This Kilt Maker’s mobile-friendly video went around in the world in just hours.

Within hours of posting her video, Kristi noticed her video engagement going through the roof. First she hit 500 views, then 1,000 views, and then surpassed 3,000 views in the first 48 hours. People around the world liked her video, commented, and tagged their friends (which essentially notifies friends to “watch this video now!”). Viewers shared Kristi’s  video 30 times. Prospective clients in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa contacted her about new work.

“I didn’t expect that so many people would find this helpful,” said Kristi.

The Rules of Video Engagement

But why did this video catch fire so quickly? How did she create video engagement so strong that new customers came to her? By applying some of the most important rules of video engagement:

  • Authenticity — Kristi appears as herself. There are no hair-and-makeup professionals hiding off camera. She’s genuine and real (as is her kilt model) and you can tell that she is a highly-knowledgeable kilt maker, and a very nice person. She creates instant trust. And who do we like doing business with? People we know, trust and like.
  • Spontaneity — Kristi isn’t reading from a teleprompter, she’s speaking from her own know-how. She’s standing in a backyard, not a film studio. She filmed the video in one take on an iPhone. She’s sharing knowledge that her customers commonly want to know, and doing so with grace and an authentic easiness (see “Authenticity” above).

Download this guide to social media engagement

Why Social Media Engagement Matters to an Insurance Agent

Your ability to attract new prospects depends now on how well you can engage people via social media. You can’t cold call anymore. Customers aren’t looking you up in the phone book. SEO is good, but you (passively) have to wait for people to search for you — and good luck beating out “Flo” or the green lizard. They own the best spots on the first-page of Google search results.

Instead, you need to be all about the new currency: social media engagement. And as Kristi shows us, video engagement is the most valuable of all.

Download our free guide for insurance agents, “Rules of Video Engagement,” and learn the four most important rules to creating video engagement that creates prospects for your insurance agency.

Download this guide to social media engagement







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Insurance Leads: 3 Common Mistakes Agents Make

Everybody wants new insurance leads, but not everyone knows how to generate them.

The three most common mistakes we see when agents are trying to generate their own insurance leads:

  1. Poor targeting
  2. Weak response offer
  3. Insurance leads

    A hook without a worm?

    No automated follow-up

Let’s look at each of these.

  1. Poor targeting — The first step to generating insurance leads is the proper use of a customer persona. What is a customer persona? “A semi-fictional amalgamation of the various characteristics, needs, wants, worries and aspirations of a target group.” Too many agents decide what kind of leads they want (auto leads) without identifying who is behind those leads. Customer personas matter because they are the road map for marketing to a particular target audience (they work best when they are given a name, and a face, and maybe even a backstory). When you truly understand who you are marketing to, you know what they are thinking about, where they are online, and what types of content topics and offers they will respond to.
  2. Weak response offer — A response offer is a do-this, get-that exchange that provides incentive to a prospect to do what you want, such as request a quote from you. Let’s be clear: A “free quote” is not a response offer. A good response offer serves as a reward to the prospect for providing you with their information and permission to contact them. For example, “Contact me for a free auto quote, and I’ll give you a $5 gas card.” See how that works? Do this, get that.
  3. No automated follow-up — Agents need to have a follow-up system in place, preferably an automated follow-up system to keep in touch with a prospect. An automated follow-up system that educates, informs and maybe even entertains, while keeping your name and value proposition in front of them will go a long way to extending the shelf life of your leads and lowering your cost-per-sale.

Learn more about how to generate your own insurance leads by attending our free webinar, “The 5 Steps to Generating Your Own Exclusive Leads Online,”

Check our schedule here for upcoming presentations.

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Insurance Leads via Look-alikes

Insurance leads come easier via Look-alikes and customer personas.

The first of the five steps to generating your own exclusive insurance leads online is creating a solid customer persona. What is a customer persona? “A semi-fictional amalgamation of the various characteristics, needs, wants, worries and aspirations of a target group.”

 Customer personas matter because they are the road map for marketing to a particular target audience (they work best when they are given a name, and a face, and maybe even a backstory). When you truly understand who you are marketing to, you know what they are thinking about, where they are online, and what types of content topics and offers they will respond to. Insurance leads via Look-alikes

Agents in our My Leads training program are learning how to generate their own exclusive insurance leads online, and the first lesson module (and homework assignment) is putting together a customer persona for the first specific audience they want to target. For many agents, this is a new way to think about insurance lead generation. Agents are used to saying, “I want multi-car homeowners with good credit,” but then find that to be such a broad description that they have difficulty knowing how and where to begin.

This is where creating a good customer persona really helps. Creating a mish-mash of the common characteristics (job, income, home value), interests, worries and aspirations could lead you to “Mr. Safe” a 50-year old, married, white collar manager with a home in the suburbs, two sedans in the garage, a love for college football, and a daughter away at college. That simple customer persona provides much more direction than, “multi-car homeowner with good credit.”

Occasionally, agents in our training program don’t know where they want to start. They don’t know which persona they want to target first. In that case, we suggest to them that they build “Look-alikes.”

To build “Look-alikes,” agents review their current book of business and identify one or more of the following:

  • Best type of client
  • Favorite clients
  • Most profitable clients
  • Easiest clients

Among these categories, agents then look for common characteristics among those favorite or best or most profitable, etc. Then, creating the customer persona is as easy as back-filling a worksheet with the information that is already known about these ideal clients. And there you are – you’ve created a strong customer persona that becomes the road map to lead generation success.

Using Look-alikes can be a powerful way to select your next targets in your insurance lead generation program.

To learn more about “The 5 Steps to Generating Your Own Exclusive Leads Online,” you are invited to attend an upcoming webinar. The class is free and the information is powerful. Come see what we can add to what you already know.



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Learn to generate your own exclusive insurance leads online

The Power of Generating Your Own Insurance Leads Online

Are you buying Internet leads?

You’ve heard the saying, “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.”

Insurance agents who buy shared Internet leads are, at best, only eating for the day. Insurance agents who know how to properly leverage the Internet and generate their own exclusive leads are eating for a lifetime.

It’s not difficult to do. You just need to know how.

This Thursday, January 7 at 1:3opm (Eastern) you can come find out how in a free online class, “The 5 Steps to Generating Your Own Exclusive Leads Online.” 

We will explain to you each of the five steps of successful Internet-based lead generation and provide immediately actionable steps that you can take to establish or improve your lead generation efforts.

The class is free. The information is powerful.

You can keep buying questionable fish, or you can net your own.

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Generate Your Own Insurance Leads

The First Step to Generating Your Own Exclusive Insurance Leads

You can generate your own exclusive insurance leads.

Kylie Customer Persona

Click above to see a free example of a Customer Persona

Internet leads are rough because it becomes a mad race against multiple agents to be the first one to contact the prospect.

But what if you could generate your own, exclusive leads? How much better would those leads convert for you?

There are five steps generating your own exclusive leads. We’ll explain the first step today.

Secret #1: Using Customer Personas

You must first decide what kind of insurance leads you want: home, auto, life, etc., Then, decide what who you want to attract. Do you want established, wealthy men in their 60s, first-time home buyers? Newlyweds? Single mothers?

It is not enough to say you want “auto leads,” because policy holders can be so different. For example, a wealthy man in his 60s is less likely to want to save a few dollars insuring his Lexus, whereas a single mother may find it very important to her.

You need to know who your audience is.  You need to understand your customer “Personas.”

What is a Persona? According to my friends at HubSpot, “Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.”

Knowing who your audience is allows you to tailor your message and your unique value proposition to that Persona.

For example, let’s take an abbreviated look at possible auto lead persona, Kylie the Single Mom:

Kylie is a 24 year-old single mother, earning about $26,000 a year at her current wage of $11 per house. She is renting an apartment for herself and her two small children. She drives an aging hatchback which she absolutely depends on to get her kids to daycare and herself to work. She is a heavy mobile user of social media, especially Facebook. 


The “Kylie” Persona is as specific as possible because if you are going to market to her, you need to know what she is thinking about and worrying about, and them find a compelling way to communicate to her that you have an auto insurance solution that she needs.

If you know that Kylie is worried about making ends meet, unexpected repairs, the cost of maintenance, and not having access to her car, then you can prepare information and offers that appeal to her, such as a brief guide, “How Much Insurance Do I Really Need?” or a free gas card that will attract her to your agency and give you the best possible chance of winning her business.

The first secret to generating your own exclusive insurance leads is identifying the segment(s) you most want to sell to and defining that Persona as clearly as possible. This approach will give you a real advantage compared to simply buying shared “auto leads” from a lead provider.

In reality, there are five steps to setting up your own lead generation system. Using Customer Personas is the first.

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You Don’t Have to Dance to the Lead Providers’ Music Anymore

How to Generate Leads

You can rock on with your bad self when you have an Internet Lead Generation program of your own – bringing you exclusive leads that meet the criteria you set.

When you have your own Internet Lead Generation program in place, you don’t have to dance to the music being played by the big Internet lead providers. There are options; there are alternatives.You don’t have to dance to their music.

You no longer have to run a ridiculous race against five other agents to be the first to contact a lead.

You no longer have to  “get what you get.”

You no longer have to put up re-packaged leads being sold to you as “new.”

You no longer have to pay the prices they set for their insurance leads.

You can dance to your own music. You can create your own insurance leads through your very own Internet Lead Generation Program. It’s really not that hard. We’ll show you how.


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Generate Your Own Insurance Leads

(You Don’t Have to Run) The Race to Contact Shared Leads

When you buy Internet leads, you’re entering a race.  A mad, crazy race to reach an unwitting prospect who probably doesn’t realize they are about to be hammered by multiple people responding to the request.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Creating your own Internet-based Lead Generation program lets you enjoy exclusive leads that meet your specific criteria. You’ll still want to contact them right away, but you won’t be racing five (or more) other salespeople to do so.

What’s better is if your prospect responded to a particular offer (by the way, a “free quote” is not a response offer) they will be wanting you to be in touch with them to arrange the fulfillment of the information or item promised.

We all know that exclusive leads convert better, and the prospect will be more relaxed when talking with you,  because their phone isn’t lighting up like a Christmas tree.

You don’t have to run the race to contact Internet leads. Instead, create your own Internet leads. If you don’t know how to do generate your own Internet leads, don’t worry, we do. And we can show you how. We’ve created a multi-step program to help you set-up and optimize your program.

Interested to learn more? Click here to learn more.

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